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£253.00 +VAT

Can bus keypad easily integrated with EMU Black ECU or PMU-16. 

CAN BUS key pads offer a massive simplification and reduction of wiring in comparison to traditional switch panels, requiring only 4 wires for the entire key pad.
Built-in LEDs indicate button states (red, green, amber) and also serve as backlighting for the keyboard.

The behaviour of each key is fully configurable in the EMU BLACK or PMU client software.
Thanks to a unique system of interchangeable key inserts, it is easy to rearrange the keypad layout using existing inserts. Custom inserts can also be supplied.

Key features

CAN bus compatible keyboard,
125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps CAN bus speeds supported,
works with EMU BLACK (1 keyboard) and PMU devices (up to 2 keyboards),
full customisation possible,
IP 67 rated


Keys can be chosen in whatever configuration best works for you

Price including your choice of inserts. Please see below for a list of inserts 
Keyboard Inserts


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